Ian Kelly

Ian Kelly is a Spokane native and grew up just east of Spokane in Liberty Lake, Wa. He graduated from Central Valley High School and attended Eastern Washington University where he studied Electronic Media and Communications. After always having a passion for broadcasting and radio, Ian joined the ZZU team in 2006 as the voice on the weekends, and is proud to now be the voice on ZZU afternoons. When he’s not on-air, Ian likes to crossfit, loves movies, listens to music and plays a substantial amount of video games.

What’s currently playing on my iPhone: TTPD

Favorite band ever: Anything from Taylor Swift to Metallica

Most watched movie: Lord of the Rings

Favorite TV show: The Office… always

Sports team: Seattle Sounders

Favorite vacation spot: Disneyland! Or Vegas, which are kind of the same thing…

Best Spokane Event: Scarywood! All. The. Way.

Pets: One tiny little yorkie

You can hear Ian on ZZU, Monday-Friday 3p-7p

Hit him up…

Call or Text: 509-441-0929

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